Argos - Brand creation for technology accessory range

New brand enters growing portable technology accessory market.

A response to a competitive brief that genuinely excited the client.


To capitalise on the burgeoning portable technology market, Argos planned to launch a new accessories brand in time for Christmas 2015. The initial launch would include phone and tablet covers, and portable smartphone chargers. These would be followed in 2016 with a wider range of accessories. There were two distinct audiences for the new product range: 17-24 year olds earning their first income, and 35-40 year olds looking for contemporary, quality design at an affordable price.


The product range epitomises Argos’ brand values, marrying quality with great value. When we first got our hands on the products, we were struck by the satisfying, audible click that could be heard when we were attaching a lead or cover. In our minds this was the essence of the new brand’s promise – it wasn’t a cheap sounding snap, or a forced clunk; the sound of the click represented two quality materials coming together to make one. From this thought, the brand name ‘Clik’ was born.


We developed the ideas further and presented them to consumers within three focus groups. Following feedback, fonts and colours were refined to finished branded packaging designs. Argos were so pleased with the results we also got asked to design the graphics for 4 of the products themselves. The packaging materials chosen have a very tactile, soft feel along with areas of gloss finish to highlight the quality of the product. Marrying the carefully selected materials with the finished fonts and colours created a highly desirable brand that appeals to both men and women, within both target groups.

Bonfire demonstrated a clear understanding of the brief, creating a brand with a unique story.

Senior Brand Manager, Own Brands, Argos

Brand packaging design so well received we also got to design the product surface graphics.

A brand concept and story that resonated strongly with the target audience in focus group research.