Avery Dennison product launch campaign

Collaborative product launch campaign strategy and event management for Avery Dennison and Toyota Tsusho ID Systems.

Initial response to invitation was so high event was expanded.

Number of high level sales leads generated during the event.


Avery Dennison, although well-known in many international markets, had little brand awareness in the UK. Working in partnership with Toyota Tsusho ID systems, Avery Dennison planned to bring the Denso BHT-700 to the UK market within a couple of months, and this was a product launch challenge that needed high impact in creative concept and delivery for it to be successfully met.


Bonfire created a launch campaign for the BHT-700 product, including the design and delivery of a launch event to excite and inspire a very select group of potential customers. It also needed to raise awareness of the product, its benefits and the fact that it came endorsed by two global leaders in the sector. Our approach was to link the creative idea to the Japanese values of innovation, culture, tradition and service.

Detailed cultural Japanese references were applied across all aspects of the campaign including advertising, a microsite and bespoke invitation box containing a hand-painted Japanese rice bowl, chopsticks, etiquette booklet and invitation to London’s best-known Japanese restaurant, Nobu, for the launch event.


With almost universal take-up of the original invitation, we had to create additional spaces to ensure that we met the event demand. We delivered a truly memorable and enjoyable experience to launch the new product that embraced and reflected the very best of Japanese technology, culture and tradition.

Guests were attended to by Geisha girls, entertained by Japanese musicians and artists and sampled some of the best sushi and sake this side of Tokyo. We were also able to increase awareness of the corporate brand and link it to the pursuit of perfection in all things, a value entrenched in all Japanese traditions. A number of high profile leads were inspired and generated at the event to start the 12 month consultation and sales cycles.

Beautiful use of cultural values to launch new technology product.

Quite simply a unique campaign to remember for all the right reasons.

Marketing Manager, Toyota Tsusho ID Systems UK