Ben & Jerry UK awareness campaign

Integrated UK awareness campaign for Ben & Jerry’s.

Significantly increased brand and product awareness amongst target audience


Ben & Jerry's is a historic US Unilever brand. The brand's weird and wonderful flavour combinations include Phish Phood, Chubby Hubby, Caramel Chew Chew and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. In order to raise greater awareness of Ben & Jerry’s in the UK, a campaign was needed to support the brand’s positioning as the real alternative in the luxury ice cream sector.


In order to maintain the core fun element of the brand – and encourage greater consumer
engagement – a set of four ‘Legendary Tongue Twisters’ were created as the basis of the national advertising campaign.

Each tongue twister represented a flavour and featured cartoon characters in both a 48-sheet billboard posters and a cinema commercial (voiced by Phil Daniels). The campaign was also delivered across digital channels with an online competition to win a Smart car and animated screensavers, as well as wrapping 50 London taxis, postcards and other promotional literature.


The style of illustration was made more contemporary to suit the UK market and the Tongue Twisters campaign was a huge success, capturing the public’s imagination and driving significantly higher traffic to the Ben & Jerry’s website.

Post campaign research demonstrated that the campaign had augmented brand and product awareness significantly among the target audience.