Bosch Athlet integrated launch campaign

Devise and implement a completely integrated launch campaign to maximise awareness of Athlet: the first cordless, upright vacuum cleaner from Bosch

Highly effective translation of pan-european TV campaign

Brand-generated activity generated a reach of just under 1,000,000 on Facebook


The Athlet was the first cordless, upright vacuum cleaner to be launched by Bosch in the UK. Previously, cordless vacuums were typically thought of as small, hand-held devices only suitable for specific or emergency cleaning on a small scale, as opposed to being suitable and practical for whole house cleaning.
Our challenge, in partnership with MediaCom, was to devise and implement a completely integrated launch campaign to maximise awareness of Athlet in a crowded UK marketplace and communicate its superior benefits over traditional cleaners. A pan-European TV ad had been created but this had to be adapted to ensure consistency with the use of Karl, the Bosch Engineer, the brand champion across all UK marcomms.


A tiger had been used in Bosch’s previous advertising campaign promoting the incredibly quiet performance of the GS-50 Power Silence. With a pan-European TV creative for the Athlet again featuring a tiger, we cleverly developed and integrated our core campaign headline ‘agility on all floors’ to subtly link Athlet’s versatility and flexibility to the tiger visual and creative. Not only did this ensure brand consistency but also enabled us to deliver a UK focused campaign promoting the product’s key benefits.

As well as adapting the European TV ad to feature ‘agility on all floors’, we designed press and outdoor advertisements, digital banners, YouTube videos, and social media competitions. We recruited a panel of reviewers to over a six week period post their thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. In autumn 2014 we also undertook a series of experiential roadshows at major UK retail centres and window displays in John Lewis.


Our targeted social media activity generated impressive levels of engagement. For example, brand-generate activity on social media around Christmas 2014 generated a reach of just under 1,000,000 on Facebook and led to over 300,000 video views. And an app-based competition more than exceeded expectations by securing over 5,300 entries. Our dynamic and engaging roadshow event that travelled to major shopping centres across the UK not only generated local PR and brought us new fans and followers on social media, but many nearby stores reported that their launch stock of Athlet models sold out on the day of the event. Overall, the campaign helped successfully deliver Bosch’s launch target of incremental sales in year one.

Athlet roadshow event across the UK raising awareness and interest on social media in addition to driving purchase at nearby stores.

30" TV ad adapted for the UK to feature Karl, the Bosch Engineer with a new script to include our creative "agility on all floors".

Many stores reported launch stock had sold out during experiential activity

Bonfire have been inspiring, resourceful and professional throughout the whole campaign, delivering above and beyond what’s expected. That is why they are our go-to agency.

Group Marketing Manager, Bosch