Bosch hair appliances product launch

Helping successfully launch a new product line and extend the offering of a global brand in the UK.

The videos delivered an organic reach of 400,000.

25% of people watch over 30 seconds .


Bosch is a trusted and respected personal care brand across Europe but had little equity as such in the UK. During the summer of 2014, the company made the decision to launch a small range of personal care products exclusively with one of the largest UK hair appliance retailers. Our brief was to ensure the launch built on Bosch’s well developed reputation in home appliances, garden tools and DIY. The launch brief required the delivery of a high impact, multi-channel campaign with a greater emphasis on digital and social media.


Our response to the brief began by undertaking detailed research into the UK hair and personal care market. The insight we discovered that despite being a mature and competitive marketplace, there was a great deal of ‘unknowns’ for consumers when it came to hair care. Our creative strategy was then formed around the concept of ‘secrets unlocked’: using Bosch expertise and innovation, these new products were specifically designed to help consumers achieve the great styles they wanted with limited damage to their hair. Using a top-line campaign title of ‘Unlock the secrets of styling with care’, we produced the collateral and, alongside Bosch’s PR agency, helped promote an exclusive PR launch event in London. In addition to this we ran a reviewers campaign with 50 people from the Bosch Facebook community to review the products and post their findings online. After launch a series of ‘how to’ videos were produced, using actors rather than models, to connect with viewers and demonstrate how to achieve the latest styles for both men and women. The videos were published as organic content across multiple social media channels, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


The reviewers campaign generated positive engagement on Bosch’s Facebook page which, along with PR coverage in fashion and lifestyle publications, increased awareness, driving consumers online and in-store to seek out the innovative, new Bosch range. The videos reached over 400,000 people, were shared more than average for Bosch and 25% of people watched over 30 seconds making them very successful in terms of engagement. Since launch the campaign has not only helped increase sales, but also delivered a significant increase in listings and helped successfully position, and establish, Bosch in the personal care marketplace alongside more established brands.