Bosch winning line integrated campaign

Integrated multi-channel promotional marketing campaign for The Winning Line range of Bosch home appliances.

First fully integrated campaign for Bosch home Appliances UK.

Sales far exceeded original forecasts.


Bonfire was appointed as the UK agency by Bosch to create an integrated multi-channel campaign to launch a range of products aimed at showcasing some of the best Bosch innovations in home appliances that saved energy, water, time, the environment and consumers’ money. Our winning idea was ‘The Winning Line’, a concept that embraced both the patriotic and sporting excitement of the time.

The Winning Line range of products consisted of six models (washing machine, dishwasher, fridge freezer, tumble dryer, induction hob and oven) and brought the most innovative technological Bosch product features together at the lowest possible price point within their Classixx, Exxcel or Logixx ranges.

Our challenge was to explore the Bosch target customer in greater detail and increase awareness and understanding of Bosch as a technologically advanced and market leading brand, increase sales of Bosch appliances and build a vibrant and engaged Bosch online community through social media channels.


After extensive research into current market and customer perceptions, we developed a long term campaign strategy based around ‘education’ - aiming to help convert perceptions of “expensive luxury’ into “household necessity”.

As well as adhering to the Bosch brand guidelines issued by BSH Head Office in Munich, we also had to be mindful that our ‘Winning Line’ theme did not mislead the general public to assume the brand was an Olympic sponsor.

By developing the overall campaign theme and a series carefully targeted, focussed messages we were able to evolve the creative across multiple touchpoints and channels. A library of icons were developed to communicate the Bosch Winning Line product features, Bosch brand values, the theme of ‘winning’ and the spirit of human endeavour.

The creative solution communicated the benefits of The Winning Line range and drew on both the emotional and functional benefits of more intelligent use of available resources, preserving the environment and saving consumers energy, time and money.


A consistent creative solution that was implemented across all mediums with clean, simple executions and clear messaging managed to push Bosch's guidelines without breaking them. By highlighting key product benefits and features through a small range of products, we raised awareness of the Bosch brand values and product features and began to move perceptions away from ‘expensive luxury’ to ‘household necessity’.

The campaign successfully launched the new range to consumers and drove significant sales uplift across a number of appliance models. Demand on two of the 6 products was greater than availability. The Winning Line campaign also helped generate over 100,000 unique visits to the product range microsite and alongside other core supporting brand activity increased Bosch’s Facebook community from under 200 to over 43,000 by the end of the campaign.

Unaided brand awareness for Bosch had increased from 42% to 44% by the end of the Winning Line campaign.

Capitalised on sporting theme without breaching any third party guidelines.

Won 2 Independent Business Awards for best advertising campaign.

The response on social media was incredible, which was the primary objective of The Winning Line campaign. However we were also amazed by the sales response – especially the performance of The Winning Line tumble dryer and dishwasher which far exceeded our forecasts. The Winning Line captured the hearts and minds of the Great British public during a monumental year of sporting history and national celebration. We were delighted that the winning theme resonated so strongly with the Bosch brand.

Brand Manager, Bosch Home Appliances