Gas Jeans UK awareness campaign

The creation of a Pan-European advertising campaign for Gas Jeans (Italy).

Campaign saw universal take up of the brand in UK stores

Established Gas jeans as a influential player


Italian fashion brand Gas Jeans was already successful in parts of Europe but wanted to extend the brand into new territories, including the UK.

However, the UK market was seen as ahead of the game in directional streetwear and was proving a tough nut for the brand to crack.


Having analysed the UK street wear market, an opportunity was identified to enable the powerful differentiation of Gas Jeans from other fashion brand advertising, that was entirely product/model led.

The creative strategy reflected the brand’s unique philosophy without being moralistic, whilst maintaining a sense of humour. Utilising a ‘Natural Selection’ strapline and strong manipulated photographic images we were able to demonstrate how taking the right path (of natural selection) led to a state of nirvana (with Gas Jeans).


The campaign firmly established the brand’s credentials as both an important and influential player in the UK, and hence European, directional clothing market. There was an almost universal, instant take-up of the brand across major UK stores and a 50% increase in turnover during the first 12 months of the campaign.

Successful Pan-European campaign

50% increase in sales across Europe in first 12 months