TaMHS research and brand development

Brand identity, guidelines and campaign development for Targeting Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS).

Name and brand developed after detailed research with young people.

Tone of Voice developed for 2 core age ranges.


The Targeting Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) pilot project aimed to build a more cultural resilience in young people during a critical educational and emotional period in their life. The pilot was approved, and funding was in place to develop a brand toolkit. TaMHS was the name of the local authority-funded initiative, but it had little impact with young people and its benefits failed to be communicated.


We developed a series of workshops (based on insights gained from our previous Connexions research) with the three middle and lower school clusters that made up the pilot, working in partnership with an educational creative facilitator. This enabled Bonfire to filter imagery, names, words and themes that were accessible to this broad age group (4-10 years). The research and subsequent analysis helped the development of a name, brand identity and campaign messaging that connected with the target audience and could be used across all age ranges with simple adaptation.


The workshops demonstrated a clear winner for the scheme name – Smile. This name, brand and the scheme’s core messages were supported through a set of ‘universal’ characters that engaged the audience, all underpinned with a simple communication matrix. This allowed for a specific ‘tone of voice’ for each age group (4-8 and 9-12 respectively), complementing the relevant levels of emotional and educational development. The production of a set of supporting brand guidelines ensured that the client was able to consistently implement and roll-out communications for the duration of the project.

Successful pilot across 3 school clusters.

We selected Bonfire because we needed high impact branding and visual communication to launch our pilot project and they did not disappoint. All the initial concepts were first class and we actually found it difficult to chose one to move forward. When we did they developed a campaign that was engaging, stimulated interest and received lots of positive comments. For us Bonfire CI represented great value for money as they efficiently translated our requests into a polished finished product.

Project Manager, TaMHS