Creative Intelligence …is at the heart of everything we do.

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It’s not just a process, it’s a way of life for our strategists, account management and creative teams.

Creative Intelligence™ is not a formula, it’s not a science, and it’s most certainly not a tick-box process.

Creative Intelligence™ informs an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses, their objectives, sectors and competition, and provides a bespoke platform from which to build and enhance their brands, experiences and target audiences.

Creative Intelligence™ involves three straightforward no-nonsense steps:


Framing is the step where we embark on a journey of discovery with our clients. We interrogate both their business and brand objectives, linking insights and strategy with a realistic assessment and intelligent selection of customer channels and touchpoints. This step informs the creative brief, providing insight-driven strategic creative direction along with vital key concept drivers.


The creative brief enables us to generate, filter and evolve various ideas until we reach ‘the big one’. This big idea provides the foundation and overarching theme from which all creative outputs are developed in synergy; matching tightly-honed messaging and visual outcomes with both the target audiences and selected channels and touchpoints.


The implementation of 'the big idea' across multiple communication channels and brand touchpoints involves a complex orchestration of core campaign and brand assets, and includes real-time in-campaign testing, with further insight gathering and evaluation. At the delivery stage all outputs are monitored and optimised, feeding the ongoing delivery of the live campaign, short-term planning and future strategy development.

Creative Intelligence™ is an iterative process that delivers informed, integrated campaigns and brand experiences that are tracked and optimised in real-time throughout their life cycle:

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This improves your ROI

This real-time tracking and continual improvement delivers higher levels of customer engagement with the brand and core messaging, which in turn further extends both reach and awareness across all channels:

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But awareness is not enough…

We need to ensure that we enhance the customer experience throughout their entire journey; driving greater consideration and providing a catalyst for change in both perceptions and behaviour, before, during and after purchase.

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Whatever your challenge, Creative Intelligence™ delivers ongoing seamlessly integrated brand campaigns and experiences with outstanding results.