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Bonfire Creative Intelligence doesn’t subscribe to a straightjacket of formulaic processes or a menu of services. We believe that each and every brand challenge is individual and requires a bespoke solution.

Our marketing services offering starts with customer insights, analysis and media-neutral strategic direction. This can then be successfully and consistently applied across a number of core competencies:

  • Brand creation, review and development
  • Marketing communications materials
  • Through-the-line advertising: from press to TV
  • Digital marketing & social media management
  • Packaging, visuals merchandising & point-of-sale
  • Brand environments: interiors, exhibitions, wayfinding

We plan and execute all our work with a ‘right tools for the right job’ mentality and in addition to our ever-growing multi-disciplined team we have an established bank of consultants and specialists with whom we work to deliver the ultimate in customer experience. Without compromise.

We deliver this through the implementation of Creative Intelligence™, a dynamic approach focussed on optimising your return on investment.

A little insight into Bonfire’s philosophy:

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Insight, analysis, strategic direction

All great, successful business and brand stories start with an opportunity; the seed of an idea. It’s about finding that niche, about looking for that nugget of difference. Insight provides the commercial context from which opportunities are substantiated and strategies developed; but the power of insight does not end there.

Due to the proliferation of consumer empowering technology, insight is no longer ‘hindsight’. Insight has become a living, breathing organism giving us the ability to monitor and report on all marketing activity, in near real-time, in turn enabling us to optimise campaigns and achieving even greater impact and ROI.

Insight is our friend. It’s yours too. Looking for an angle? Then let’s chat.

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Branding & Identity Development

How you manage your brand proposition, identity and story are vital to its long-term success. That’s why so many successful companies the world over, both large and small, place such emphasis on the creation, development, guardianship and ongoing review of the assets used in telling their brand story.

The more accurate and truthful your brand story is, the easier it is for people to believe, consider and buy into. Great brands are not built with smoke and mirrors and rarely undergo radical change unless there is big shift in the market or customer landscape; but just like a prize garden they do need to be maintained.

Do you have a brand challenge you’d like to share or story to tell? Then give us a call.

A fully-grown tree
An Acorn
A squirrel
An Acorn
A squirrel
An Acorn
A squirrel
An Acorn
A squirrel
An Acorn
A squirrel

Effective creative marketing solutions

Marketing is fantastic thing. It looks to capture, express and promote the very essence of your brand in the most creative and appropriate of ways. It’s about exploring all brand touchpoints, channels and media, and apportioning the right amount of resource to each depending on your overall business objectives.

There are essentially two main components that affect the outcome of any marketing activity; the first is developing the right message(s), and the second is ensuring those messages are delivered through the most effective channels, reaching the right people at the right time.

Do you need a fresh approach to your campaigns? Then we need to talk.

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Customer experience optimisation

The ultimate brand experience that any stakeholder has, whether internal or external, happens in the real world and is a personal matter. It’s not just about getting your brand out there, it’s also about the moments that are created when people come in to contact with your brand; be it at work, rest and play, and either physical or emotional.

This includes the design of both business and retail environments, delivering a seamless multi-device brand experience for your customers, interacting with and managing your brand’s communities on social media, and much more; before, during and after purchase. The best and most memorable customer experiences are those that drive unshakable loyalty.

Are you looking for loyal, long-term relationships? Then let’s meet.